Herbal Powders



Herbal Bolus Powder, 8 oz.

This is the combination of herbs recommended by Dr. John Christopher. The powders need to be mixed with coconut butter for form suppositories that can be used vaginally or rectally to detoxify the reproductive and eliminatory systems. The powder can also be mixed with water and used as a poultice to relieve itchiness and inflammation.

Contains: organic yellow dock root, organic comfrey root, chickweed herb, organic slippery elm bark, organic goldenseal root, organic mullein leaf, organic marshmallow root, and squaw vine herb.


Poultice Powder, 6 oz.

This is the original mixture of herbs as described by Dr. Eli G. Jones. However, substitutions are possible. The herbs are mixed with water, one application at a time, and gently placed over suppurating wounds. Depending on the amount of discharge, the poultices may have to be changed as often as every half hour or perhaps as little as twice a day. They will absorb purulent matter, reduce odor, and help to disinfect the site.

Contains: powdered slippery elm bark, flax seed, lobelia seed, and bayberry bark.



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